International Projects

Social Economy and Urban Agriculture for Slovakia

The association Social Economy and Urban Agriculture Network Basel were chosen to function as advisors in Slovakia. Together with Zivica, a Slovakian NGO, a local currency and urban agriculture have been introduced. The project was part of an endeavour under the care of DEZA and SECO to promote collaboration between Eastern and Western Europe. Zivica submitted the project, which was later selected from the many competing proposals by the responsible Slovakian Commission. Consequently, the financing was secured from 2013 to 2015. The basis for the advisory activity was the accumulated knowledge and experience within both Soziale Ökonomie and Urban Agriculture.

One of the results was the local currency živec, although it was differentiated between Bratislava živec and Zvolen živec for the respective cities:

Zvolen živec    Zvolen živec

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