Basel at Second Sight

This city rickshaw tour visits historical and contemporary venues of the “other Basel”. Treat yourself, friends or guests to something exceptional.

You want to see more of Basel than its humanistic past and its contemporary museums? Even at second sight, Basel has many exciting things to offer, such as:

  • Chemical spill of Schweizerhalle
  • Night shelter for the homeless
  • Cooperative pub Hirscheneck
  • Soup kitchen and drug advice centre
  • General strike in Basel
  • Planet 13 (Self-help project – internet café)
  • Local currency NetzBon

The rickshaw drivers are also your guides. They do not only have the muscle, but also the vocabulary and knowledge of Basel’s “other history”. The tour will take you through Kleinbasel, from Lindenberg via Claraplatz and Klybeckstrasse to the Rhine promenade and from there back to the starting point via Theodorsgraben.

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