Any juristic (or artificial) person willing to participate financially in the cooperative and its promotion may apply for membership. Individuals, sole proprietorships or partnerships may come together to form a juristic person and apply for membership. All of the cooperative’s members must fulfil the fundamental requirements: They are democratically organised, they are committed to social, ecological and cultureal values, and they safeguard the cooperative’s equity.

Share certificates

  • The membership is acquired by taking up share certificates with a nominal value of CHF 200.–
    • Organisations with less than 6 employees are required to take up one share certificate
    • Organisations with more than 6 employess are required to take up one share certificate per 3 employees
    • This provision applies to part- and full-time employees. Beyond what is required, additional share certificates may be purchased.
  • The share certificates are made out in the name of the juristic person and are non-transferable.
  • The share certificates are non-interest-bearing.

If you are intrested in participating, please send us a written application. The managing committee will decide the provisonal admittance and the general meeting will later decide the definitive admittance.